Tragedy Has Taken So Many…

Fifty brownie points to the reader than can name where the title of this post came from. I will love you forever. (And yes, it has to be where I’m getting it from, not some other source. If there is one.

Moving on to business, once again I have very little time to post today. But, as promised, you can find the second short story of the week by clicking the picture below. As a warning to anyone unfamiliar with my short stories, they tend to have hefty elements of tragedy. Today’s is a war scene, so please do not go read it expecting a happily ever after. Those of you that tend to cry may even want to grab a few tissues, though I do not deem this my best work.

Finally, when you have finished, I recommend taking a listen to this song. An awesome English teacher of mine showed it to me after reading this story, and it ties in rather well.


6 thoughts on “Tragedy Has Taken So Many…

  1. Were you thinking of Barlowgirl, Beautiful Ending?

  2. Nice, haha 🙂 I used to be a serious Barlowgirl fan.. I hear they broke up though.

    • CCDragonKissedFiendishRattler says:

      Did they? I hadn’t heard that! My friends toured with them last year… Hm. I’ll have to look into that. I’ve never been a huge fan, just because loud, rock-ish music gives me migraines, but I love Beautiful Ending and Never Alone.

  3. Yah, they just announced it on their website I think. What band is your friend in? Or are they stand alone? I understand how you feel about rock music, haha. I consider Barlowgirl really mild, I listen to some hardcore-ish metal bands occasionally, but there are times when anything that isn’t totally mellow kills my brain. What style of music do you prefer?

    • CCDragonKissedFiendishRattler says:

      Wow. That’s sad! I’m actually friends with the whole band, Reilly. Christian rock/folk with dueling violins. Really sweet stuff. They were on their Christmas tour either last year or the year before. 🙂 They are really mild, and I listen to them when I can, but for some reason their drums really get to me. I prefer folk, Celtic, and old hymns most of the time, though I’m tolerant of nearly anything but metal, Bieber-style hip-hop, and rap.

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